In light of the current pandemic, this Wednesday, April 15th, I’d like to call MACC to a time of prayer and fasting.  If warranted, we may continue doing so until the pandemic is eradicated.  Even though fasting is not biblically mandated, it is mentioned often in the Bible.  Understand this; fasting is not mystical or magical.  Instead, fasting is a respected spiritual discipline that enables believers to experience breakthroughs.  I believe our nation is in desperate need of a breakthrough.  Wouldn’t you agree?  When a believer fasts, they’re humbly saying to God they mean business.  Prayer should always be complimented with any season of fasting.  So, this Wednesday, April 15th, if medically possible, I’d like you to consider fasting along with me.  You can fast a meal or two, or you can fast the entire day.  The key is this; when you fast use that time to pray.  I can’t explain it, but God seems to answer prayers associated with fasting.  You might also want to use that time to pray together as a couple or family.

Let’s ask God specifically for four things.  First, let’s ask God to continue protecting MACC from this horrific pandemic.  Thankfully, to date I don’t know of any of MACC’s attenders that have contacted Covid-19.  For that, I say praise the Lord!  Second, let’s ask God to give our government leaders wisdom.  They especially need wisdom to know when they should remove the social distancing protocols.  Third, let’s ask God to give MACC’s leaders wisdom.  Speaking for the elders, we also need wisdom to know when it’s the proper time to once again begin holding activities and worship services at MACC.  And fourth, let’s ask God to graciously eradicate this pandemic.

Please get the message out and let’s pray like we’ve never prayed before.

Pastor Erik